How much should you charge to stain a deck?

Answer The fee for staining a deck varies based on the condition of the wood, square footage and how much prep work is required. The general range is 55 cents to $1.50 per square foot.Source:The Fence Dr.... Read More »

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Should i paint or stain my deck?

On One Hand: Stain Helps to Protect WoodWhen you use stain on wood surfaces such as decks, it helps to protect the wood from premature aging. The primary factor in the aging of wood is moisture. Mo... Read More »

How long after I stain my deck should I not get it wet?

Stain needs to thoroughly dry before a deck can get wet. The length of time it takes to dry depends on the size of the deck, the type of stain and the weather conditions. Deck stain will dry faster... Read More »

How long should deck stain be left to dry?

Make sure you allow your newly stained deck to dry before subjecting it to traffic. The amount of time required for the deck to fully dry will vary based on temperature and humidity, but it general... Read More »

How long should a person wait to stain a cedar deck?

On One Hand: Accepting the StainThe amount of time that you should wait to stain a cedar deck is a hotly contested topic. Some prefer to wait several months, while others state that it is necessary... Read More »