How much should you charge for painting an acrylic portrait?

Answer The amount you charge for an acrylic portrait can depend on whether you charge based on what you feel is the worth of the portrait, or whether you create a system of charging a flat rate. Never sel... Read More »

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A Description of the Pablo Picasso Painting "Self-Portrait in the Blue Period"?

Pablo Picasso was the 20th century's most famous artist. Although Picasso may be renowned for creating the ground-breaking style of Cubism, he painted notable works all throughout his life, includi... Read More »

How to Prepare a Canvas for Acrylic Painting?

If you love to paint with acrylic paints, but have never tried painting on a canvas, then you may not know that a canvas must be prepared before it can be painted on properly. Preparing a canvas in... Read More »

Acrylic Painting Ideas for a 24 X 48 Canvas?

A 24- by 48-inch canvas is a pretty large area to work with, and it could take forever to paint your masterpiece if the wrong techniques are used. However, it can be painted quickly by using some t... Read More »

Can I use acrylic paint for face painting?

According to the website Art Fun Cheap, acrylic paint is not safe to use as face paint as it can contain toxic chemicals. For people with sensitive skin, especially children, acrylic paint can caus... Read More »