How much should you charge for painting an acrylic portrait?

Answer The amount you charge for an acrylic portrait can depend on whether you charge based on what you feel is the worth of the portrait, or whether you create a system of charging a flat rate. Never sel... Read More »

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How much should i charge for painting a fence?

Measure the length by the height to get your square footage. That will give you an approximate on the paint needed if you look at the coverage on the paint can. Divide the square feet by the lower ... Read More »

How much do painters charge for interior painting?

Interior painters must factor the cost of paint, rollers, brushes, primers and drop cloths, into the rate they charge. For a 12-by-14-foot room, the average cost is $200 to $400 (as of Oct. 2009). ... Read More »

How much do i charge for interior rooms for a painting business?

On One Hand: Hourly Plus MaterialsSetting a rate per hour is a good way to price your work, especially if you are new to the interior painting business. If the customer wants you to purchase all th... Read More »

A Description of the Pablo Picasso Painting "Self-Portrait in the Blue Period"?

Pablo Picasso was the 20th century's most famous artist. Although Picasso may be renowned for creating the ground-breaking style of Cubism, he painted notable works all throughout his life, includi... Read More »