How much should you charge for office cleaning?

Answer The average rate of one day of office cleaning for a small office is between $20 and $30, sometimes $45-$65 in some states. The amount depends on how many times a week you offer your services and h... Read More »

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How much should you charge for an office cleaning service?

On One Hand: Charging a Flat advises charging a flat fee for office cleaning to avoid disagreements over the time spent on a job. This also gives you a "premium" feel that hourl... Read More »

How much do office cleaning services charge?

Office cleaning services charge different rates, depending on the size of the office, duties and frequency. For small offices, the rate is between $20 and $30 per visit as of late 2009. Weekly char... Read More »

How much should one charge for commercial cleaning?

On One Hand: As Much as PossibleThe point of providing a service is to make money. Call competing services for a regional baseline, but negotiate as high a price as possible, says Mike Byers of Mer... Read More »

How much should I charge for cleaning services?

The price you charge for cleaning services depends upon the type of cleaning service required. Monthly cleaning contracts are determined by the square footage at a rate of $.05 to $.20 per square f... Read More »