How much should you charge for child care in your home?

Answer As I look into this issue, I am very surprised at the diversity in prices. Some women (I assume those who have to pay for the care) think that anything more than $30/pay is too much. While on the o... Read More »

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How much should I charge for lawn care?

The amount varies according to the size of the lawn and the amount of care required. However, suggests a $35 minimum charge with $40 average for average-sized lawns and $50 to... Read More »

How much should you charge for a home daycare?

On One Hand: Charge What You Need to MakeYou can set your prices for home daycare based on the amount of money you need to make. Different locations have different home daycare restrictions, so the... Read More »

How much should I charge for an in-home daycare?

It runs about 100/wk here in rural community Michigan. We have to provide a generic brand formula if we are affiliated with a food program but if you aren't, then you are not required to provide f... Read More »

How Much Should a Home Daycare Provider Charge?

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