How much should one invest in stocks?

Answer When investing in stocks there are a variety of techniques that should be employed to minimize your exposure to potentially volatile markets. Building an investment portfolio is a decision that can... Read More »

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How old should you be to invest in stocks?

On One Hand: Minors Cannot Enter into ContractsTrading stocks is considered a contracted transaction, and minors are not legally able to enter into a binding contract. Depending on what state you l... Read More »

Why should i invest in stocks and shares?

Investors buy stocks to build long-term wealth, in step with the general economy. Identify the basic concepts of corporate finance prior to putting money to work in stocks.IdentificationCorporation... Read More »

Should you invest in stocks or bonds?

On One Hand: Stocks Mean OwnershipStocks represent ownership. If the company is successful, you will participate in the future share price appreciation of that company. However, you can also lose a... Read More »

Should a company invest in stocks or bonds?

On One Hand: Bond Offer More Secure InvestingBonds guarantee a specific annual return regardless of the state of the market between purchase and sale, assuming the organization offering the bond do... Read More »