How much should be withheld from payroll for federal taxes?

Answer Federal payroll tax withholdings vary depending on income and dependents. The IRS website has an IRS Withholding Calculator to help you determine the amount (see Resources).

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How to Determine How Much in Taxes Will Be Withheld From Your Payroll Check?

A salaried employee typically receives the same amount of wages each payday. An hourly employee's pay may fluctuate, since he's paid according to hours worked. Regardless of your pay group, a pay r... Read More »

How much should be withheld for federal income taxes?

The amount of income you make, your tax status (single or married) and the amount of dependents you claim determines how much should be withheld for federal income taxes. For help determining your ... Read More »

What is minimum rate to have federal taxes withheld?

Individuals may claim exemption from federal tax withholding on form W-4 if they earned a full refund the year prior and expect no liability for the current tax year. No tax liability results if th... Read More »

How much money is withheld for federal taxes per paycheck?

The amount of funds withheld from a paycheck is determined by the amount of withholding claimed on the W-4 forms and the amount the individual earns. For a single person claiming 2, earning $540 to... Read More »