How much should an average 6th grader weigh?

Answer The average height of an 11-year-old child is 52 inches and the average weight is 77 lbs. for boys and 79.2 lbs. for girls, according to the Disabled World website. The actual weight of a 6th grade... Read More »

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Im 14 , im 5 7" and i weigh 93 pounds is that average whats the average height and weight?

I'm a guy but you're 2 inches taller than me and 2 pounds heavier. (I'm 14 too) You're skinny but not anerexic, most people on yahoo are just fat cause they sit in front of the computer all day.

Does a average watermelon weigh more than a average pumpkin?

Most likely they are about the sameThat would only matter to someone who wouldlike either or

What is the average shoe size for a fifth grader?

If it is a girl and her Height is between 4.9 an 5.2 : Size 5 or 6 would be reasonable. If it is a boy and his height is between 4.8 an 5.3 : Size 6,7, or 8 would be normal. If your child is shor... Read More »

How Much On Average Should l Weigh?

Dear go and check your BMI if that suits your Height and Weight then its good. Otherwise I recommend you that You are fine.