How much should an 7 month old baby wt in kg?

Answer You wiegh your child in Kilograms rather than pound. You are a terrible parent and should be put in prison.

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How much should a 11 month old baby weigh kgs?

Actually it depends on how much he/she eats.Although the average weight is 4.5 kilos.

How much should an 8 month old baby weight?

Baby's AgeHealthy Weight RangeHealthy Height Range8 Months7.1 Kg - 10.9 Kg66.0 cm - 76.0 cm8 Months15.6 lbs - 24.0 lbs26.0 inches - 29.9 inches

How Much Should a 15 Month Old Baby Weigh?

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How much should a 6 month old baby weight?

There is no such thing as an absolutely normal weight for a child of given age. It depends on birth weight and also racial factors. The birth weight roughly doubles between five and six months.