How much should a pre-diabetic youth exercise?

Answer Pre-diabetes is an indication that your body is struggling to properly assimilate blood glucose into your cells where it can be used as energy. The condition usually develops in people who lead a s... Read More »

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If a diabetic and a non-diabetic ate exactly the same and did the same exercise, who would gain more weight?

if the diabetic was untreated (or inadequately treated), the non-diabetic would gain more weight. if the diabetic was adequately treated, they would gain the same amount of weight.

How much starch should a diabetic eat a day?

On One Hand: Count Starch GramsOne way to figure out how much starch a diabetic should eat each day is to count grams. According to registered dietitian Janis Rosler, someone with diabetes should e... Read More »

How much fiber should a diabetic eat daily?

On One Hand: Diabetics Should Eat a High Fiber DietEating fiber has several benefits, particularly for diabetics. A high fiber diet can help lower blood sugar levels and keep them under control. So... Read More »

How much coconut oil should a diabetic take?

On One Hand: Stablizes Blood Sugar LevelsCoconut oil is touted by diabetics as a super food used to stabilize blood sugar levels. Experts recommend diabetics should take 3 to 4 tbsp. of coconut oi... Read More »