How much should a baby weight at 14 months?

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What is the weight of 8 months old baby?

The weight for each baby is different. There are babies that eat more than others and therefore weigh more. Also what they eat can effect the weight change

How much should a baby boy weight at 18 months?

What is the normal weight of a 17 months old baby boy?

It depends: If it is a normal obese baby boy, he would probably weigh upwards of 100 pounds... If it was a normal anorexic baby boy, he might way 5-10 pounds... If it was a normal baby boy, he w... Read More »

Should a baby double its weight in 3 months?

Well personally my opinion would be that the baby would be doubling its weights by eh i don't know lets say 2 months, because a baby should be drinking milk every 2-3 hours.....again just my opinion