How much should a 4 year old know before going to PreK?

Answer The phone # is a good idea but tough to get it right. Sounds like she will do well..attention to the teacher may be the most important thing kids need to do but that's hard to teach at home..know... Read More »

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Im going to switzerland... anything I should know before I go?

They speak French, German and Italian depending upon which part of the country you're in. Zurich and the east are German, Geneva and the west are French, and the south is Italian.It's a beautiful ... Read More »

Ten Things You Should Know Before Going to Mumbai, India?

Mumbai, India, is a large city in the southern part of the country. Also known as Bombay, Mumbai is a chaotic blend of ancient Indian traditions and modern entertainment and business. As you plan a... Read More »

Dehydration - how much weight can I lose before I should be, ya know, checking myself into the E.R.?

If you are having a problem with dehydration you shouldn't be asking dimwits this question you should be at the hospital . As a general rule if your urine is dark colored you and you can't get enou... Read More »

How much liquid should your 2 year old drink before her renal ultrasound?

NO. Your dog may be a bit embarrassed, but he will get over it. Besides, earlier in the day your dog pulled a loaded diaper out of the garbage and woofed it down, so dog and baby are basically even.