How much should a 15 year old be able to power clean?

Answer hey i am 15 and i live in Michigan i hold a solid power clean at 240, but i work out often i also bench 250 dead lift 620 and full squat 500 but i am 6'7" and almost 300 pounds so you really cant c... Read More »

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What is clean power?

I'm assuming it's whatever power that produces energy without polluting the environment. Wind, solar, water, etc. You could look at it that way-but technically speaking, "clean power" means true si... Read More »

How do I clean with a power washer?

Connect the power washer to a garden hose by screwing the hose into the hose connection on the washer. Pull the cord to start the washer if it is gas powered, or plug it in if it is electric. Snap ... Read More »

How Do I Clean White Power From a Battery?

The white powder that forms on battery terminals is a reaction between the battery acid inside the battery and the posts. When the white powder starts to show, remove it to improve your car's perfo... Read More »

How do I clean a deck with a power washer?

Setting the PressureSet the pounds per square inch (psi) on your pressure washer to 1500, any more can chip and damage the wood. Wear long pants and safety glasses to protect yourself against any ... Read More »