How much should I tip when in the US?

Answer After having read all of the previously posted answers, there is a recurring but really bad piece of advice.As tax rates vary widely, leaving double the tax can be a really bad way to calculate tip... Read More »

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When and how much creatine should i take?

During the loading phase I took it before and after my workout,4 hours after my workout and before I went to bed. I loaded five days 20g a day. Now I take 5g a day after I workout with my protein s... Read More »

How much protein should you eat when dieting?

On One Hand: Increasing protein during dietingAccording to the WebMD article, "Can a High-Protein Diet Help You Lose Weight," a diet consisting of 30% quality protein will help dieters reduce hunge... Read More »

How much should you be eatting when pregnant?

How Much Should I Ask for When a Job Requires a Salary Request?

A commercial mortgage is typically used to purchase commercial property such as office space, land and multi-unit apartment buildings. A commercial mortgage may also be used to finance mixed-use pr... Read More »