How much should I smoke?

Answer The guy who got you this stuff gave you some pretty solid advice. Whenever I try a new "blend" that I'm unfamiliar with, I like to take 2-3 nice, big hits and then wait about 15 minutes to see how ... Read More »

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Should parents be allowed to smoke in cars with children as passengers or should that be illegal?

It's illegal in Ontario, Canada. $500 fine if you get caught.

Should i smoke at 14?

OH MY GOD!! NO! of course you shoudlnt! it is a vile and repulsive habbit which WILL turn into addiction!! my grandma has been smoking her whole, and where has that gotten her? in and out of hospit... Read More »

Should I smoke weed?

Wow no offense but the majority of people who just answered gave no reason and in my opinion doing exactly what you asked them not to do.Do I smoke weed? No..Do I believe it is the end of the world... Read More »

Should I smoke ONE cigarette?

One cigarette won't hurt you (much). Try to take the smoke deep into your lungs and see what your body tries to tell you. 8^)When I got out of college I spent a Summer traveling across the US and ... Read More »