How much should I rotate the levar on a whirlpool oven to get it to 350 degrees?

Answer 350 degrees F is medium hot and most ovens can go to around 450 degrees F. I would turn it round to just over 3/4. The brownies should be baked in around 1/2 hour or so.

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My Dell lcd monitor can rotate 90 degrees, what do I need to do to make the image rotate 90 degrees also.?

Go to control panel. in there there will be settings for Intel extreme graphics, you can rotate the image in there, the easiest way is to enable hot keys so you can rotate it easily any time that y... Read More »

Why does the plate inside the microwave oven rotate when the oven is swtiched on?

It's set to rotate so that the food on the plate that you're trying to warm up gets warmed up evenly all over the plate.If you don't have a rotating plate, it will still warm it up, but you may hav... Read More »

What does rotate pans in an oven mean?

Rotating pans in an oven means to turn them around at spaced intervals for more even heating. Ovens have three cooking zones, which heat unevenly with occasional hot spots. Rotate one pan from fron... Read More »

How to Use a Convection Oven By Whirlpool?

Whirlpool convection ovens are trademarked with a TimeSavor Plus Convection Cooking System moniker. TimeSavor Plus ovens have a third heating element and fan to blow and circulate preheated air thr... Read More »