How much should I rent my home for?

Answer You are about to move on to greener pastures and are looking forward to living in your new home, but you still have the old one to think about. Or perhaps you have purchased another home and fixing... Read More »

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In Nevada how much is the rent on average for a mobile home or manufactured home?

Nevada is a pretty big state. Where in it did you want to live? The rent on mobile or manufactured homes will vary depending on size and location. You can go onto to find rental prop... Read More »

Should I Buy a Home or Continue to Rent?

When you're looking to add a touch of glamour to a party, use a celebrity theme to make your guests feel like the rich and famous. By using iconic Hollywood symbols and recreating the glitz of the ... Read More »

How much can I charge to rent my home?

On One Hand: Charge Comparable Rents.Individual real estate prices track comparable, or comp activity. Comps refer to the sales prices and rental incomes of similar properties within one immediate ... Read More »

Should i sell my condo or try to rent it&buy a larger home?

On One Hand: Renting Can Be ProfitableBy renting your condo, you turn that home into an asset and income stream. Each month that it's full, rent pays for the mortgage on the condo, allowing you to ... Read More »