How much should I pay per ton for screened topsoil?

Answer Prices vary depending on location and availability, but currently the market value for a ton of screened topsoil is between $15 and $19. Additional costs apply for delivery. Screened topsoil also i... Read More »

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How Much Peat Moss Should I Add to Topsoil?

Peat moss is an organic material that has long been used by gardeners as a soil amendment. It has a multitude of benefits for lawns, vegetables and flowers and it is relatively -- compared with oth... Read More »

Should or shouldn't the prefix "Doctor" on Y/A be screened and verified?

Doctor comes from the latin Docere meaning to teach. It was a title given to people of a higher level of learning. The title changed to Phd because several hundred years ago somebody decided to gi... Read More »

You just got 3 yards of screened loam What size garden should you plan?

yes, which is why you have to replace it every year or so

How deep should topsoil be?

Topsoil is free of sticks, rocks and other unwanted material. At the minimum, use approximately 4 to 6 inches of topsoil, calculating the needs of the area before planting a garden or laying down s... Read More »