How much should I pay for tree trimming?

Answer The average cost of hiring a crew to trim your trees ranges from $50 to $90 per hour. The company you hire should have liability insurance in case falling branches cause any damage.Source:GAL Tech:... Read More »

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Tree Trimming Tools?

Maintaining trees is an important part of yard care and landscaping. Large trees can potentially pose a threat to your home, garage, electrical lines or other plants, and overgrown trees can make a... Read More »

Tree-Trimming CleanupTools?

Professional tree trimmers rely on both traditional hand tools and modern power tools to take care of the mess created by trimming, chopping and shearing. Tree-maintenance cleanup tools range from ... Read More »

Proper Tree Trimming?

Proper trimming is important for the health of any tree as well as its general appearance. While you may want to prune your trees when it's convenient for you, the best time is when the tree is in ... Read More »

Winter Tree Trimming?

The best time for pruning your trees depends to a large extent on your climate and your purpose in trimming them. Late winter and early spring pruning are commonly recommended times, but there are ... Read More »