How much should I pay for the 3D glasses?

Answer That depends on the type of 3D glasses you want to buy. LG offer cheap 3D glasses at under $10. The premium brands tend to be more expensive because they are active glasses, needed to deliver full ... Read More »

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How much water should I drink per day Does it matter how the glasses are spaced out?

Definitely try to space water out over the day so your body stays hydrated. Proper hydration helps keep your metabolism running at optimal speed as well. As far as how much to drink--rather than ... Read More »

Should I get glasses?

That is a pretty weak prescription (the smallest they even make is -0.25) it is probably not essential to get glasses right now if you don't want to but, there are several on-line sites where you c... Read More »

Should I Get Computer Glasses?

You are probably farsighted. Your eyes can adjust for that (this is called accommodation). This gets tiring, and if you do a lot of close-work, your eyes will have trouble doing it for a long tim... Read More »

Should i get contacts or glasses?

i started out with glasses, and they were fine, but my eyes are a little close together so they looked retarded, any style. so i switched to contacts and I LOVE THEM! i never had a problem with t... Read More »