How much should I pay for the 3D glasses?

Answer That depends on the type of 3D glasses you want to buy. LG offer cheap 3D glasses at under $10. The premium brands tend to be more expensive because they are active glasses, needed to deliver full ... Read More »

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My glasses broke and im wearing my old glasses with a lower prescription, is it okay?

Call an optometrist, they will tell you over the phone. An optometrist actually gave my brother a bit lower prescription on purpose saying that his vision would actually improve over time.

Why do glasses give me a headache Any kind of glasses/shades?

Sorry I don't know this but the best way to get an answer for that would be going to an opticians and asking them as they are professionals

What's the difference between sports glasses and normal glasses?

Sports glasses would be with a safety frame of some type, usually polycarbonate , and polycarbonate lenses.Sports glasses are sports glasses because of the safety aspects of the frame and lenses...... Read More »

How many pairs of glasses do you get with one order of ESPN 3D glasses?