How much should I pay for auto body work?

Answer On One Hand: Dealing with a Reputable ShopThe cost of auto body work can be largely dependent on two factors: First, the amount of work that needs to be done; and second, the shop performing the wo... Read More »

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How to Work With Bondo Body Filler For Auto Body Repair?

Bondo Body Filler is used quite often in auto body work. It is a body filler that fills in dents or creases. It is used to sculpt curved areas and areas where welding has taken place, to level the ... Read More »

How to Do Auto Body Work?

Auto body work can be very gratifying, and yet it can be very challenging. It is almost as if you are creating a work of art in the form of a sculpture when you reshape and mold car panels. Whether... Read More »

How to Do Auto Body Work Paint?

Most of the time and work put into painting a car involves preparing the metal body panels for the paint job. A good paint job requires a smooth, rust-free car body for a starting point. Automotive... Read More »

How to Learn Auto Body Work?

The U.S. is home to around 165,000 auto repair shops, according to industry profiler First Research. Those shops take in annual revenues of $85 billion. Workers earn an average hourly rate of $17.8... Read More »