How much should I charge to make a website?

Answer Charge an hourly rate based on what you would make at your day job. If you normally get paid $15 per hour, then charge your friend $15 per hour and track your time by the minute.If your friend dec... Read More »

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How Much Should You Charge People for Advertising on Your Website?

When planning a wedding, the bride attends to every single detail with love and care. The venue, flowers, cake and dress are selected carefully. The same attention should be given when choosing a h... Read More »

How much to charge for a website?

My recommendation is break the site down into a well developed proposal.Task 1 = 39 hoursetc.......Once you have established your detailed quote, add it all up at the end. Don't forget to pad by ... Read More »

How to Make Your Own No-Charge Website for Teens?

Creating a no-cost website for a teen is made possible by several Web-hosting services. Internet access provides a way for teens to share information with friends and family by creating their own w... Read More »

Your 15 and you are reasonably good at photography you want to take it up as a career but to make a bit of money now you want to sell some pictures how much should you charge?

You sound like a very enterprising young person. It will depend on the market, won't it? Say that you insist on charging $50 for a photograph because someone here told you to, but no one will pay i... Read More »