Who invented the yard rake?

Answer Chester Greenwood was from Farmington, Maine, and lived from 1858 to 1937. He is credited as the inventor of the metal garden rake. According to the website, he was a man who saw a job th... Read More »

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Easy Ways to Rake Yard Leaves?

It happens every fall. Leaves drop off trees and cover the grass in your front or backyard. These leaves will kill the grass, so they must be raked up over the course of the season, creating a repe... Read More »

How to Charge in a Lawn Mowing Business?

One of the challenges most entrepreneurs face involves what to charge for their services. Businesses that sell products can often use their product costs as a basis for pricing, but service busines... Read More »

How Much Should I Charge to Rake Leaves?

Basketball-themed parties work well for someone who enjoys the sport or plays it himself. Such parties might revolve around a game on television but there are other ways you can carry the basketbal... Read More »

How much would you charge at a yard sale for a white dining table w/tile in center, no chairs?

I would think you could charge more than $20 for the table, depending upon condition, of course. Good luck with your yard sale.