How much should I charge a friend for building them a custom high end PC?

Answer Charge by the hour like most computer businesses do, you can build one in under a hour, If you have chased around for the parts then you have to charge for that, include telephone calls even to do ... Read More »

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Custom Computer building.?

You can buy a Blue Ray drive with standard IDE or SCSI connections compatible with all motherboards.I use this online PSU calculator, it has helped me on numerous self-built computers:http://extrem... Read More »

Building custom drum set?

Sure, nothing wrong with that at all. How would it work? Pretty simple really. You just install the Tru Track heads like any other drum head. Then you connect the supplied quarter inch connector fr... Read More »

Building a custom gaming pc do my parts fit correctly?

I can tell u that u need a better Graphics Card for gaming and 8 GB Ram will make it more future proof

Who was in charge of building the hoover dam?

The U.S. Department of the Interior's Bureau of Reclamation oversaw construction of the Hoover Dam. In 1931, the bureau awarded the construction contract to Six Companies, a consortium of contracto... Read More »