How much should I charge a friend for building them a custom high end PC?

Answer Charge by the hour like most computer businesses do, you can build one in under a hour, If you have chased around for the parts then you have to charge for that, include telephone calls even to do ... Read More »

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How much should i charge to clean a about 2400 sq ft office building once a week?

I am building an entertainment center. How high should a 50 inch plasma HDTV be above the floor?

Well this is a helpful thread, we have answers ranging from 3/4 an inch off the ground to 5 feet up in the air an everything in between. Since most people have their TV turned off 90% of the time, ... Read More »

I tricked a vegetarian friend into eating meat,should I tell them (they don't know)is it important?

u might aswell spike somebody with acid/lsd...or rape somebody....its the same thing....a crime

How much should I charge?

I think you should charge like $100 dollars, it sound like hard work. If they refuse to pay this you can always lower your price or raise it. Hope I am of help.