How much sensitivity should a guitar preamp have?

Answer High sensitivity in preamps allows instruments to sound at a variety of volumes without distortion. The desired sensitivity can change according to the player's style. Speed metal and shredders rai... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Guitar Preamp?

Amplifiers have three stages: preamp stage, power stage and output stage. The preamp processes the signal and influences the tone of the instrument. When recording an instrument directly to a recor... Read More »

Can I hook a guitar preamp to a power amp?

A preamplifier, or preamp, is an electronic device which prepares the signal for a main amplifier. Whether you have a guitar or an electronic violin, every preamp needs an amp. This is the case bec... Read More »

Preamp Tube Stages in Guitar Amps?

Tube amplifiers are the preferred method of amplification for guitar players the world over. Though the technology is old, tubes still provide many desirable characteristics that guitar players see... Read More »

Can I use a tube preamp and a solid state preamp in the same chain?

You can connect a tube preamp and a solid state preamp in the same audio chain. However, you must pay careful attention to the gain levels on each device to avoid feedback.References:Ovni Labs: Pr... Read More »