How much sand is needed for a 27 foot pool?

Answer The amount of sand that is needed when installing a 27-foot swimming pool is around 6 tons. Sand helps to level out the ground and provide a soft, stable foundation for your swimming pool.Source:C... Read More »

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What size sand filter is needed for a 24-foot round above ground pool?

Answer I think you should go for a cartridge filter (Pentair 320 sq ft - we can supply for $600 incl frt). Cartridge filters are much better than they used to be, and are far, far more coinvenient ... Read More »

How much sand is needed for above ground filter for 27 ft round pool?

That all depends on the size of the filter. It should say how many pounds of sand you need on the side of your sand filter.

Can you put bricks in the sand bags given to you for your wedding cake pool steps instead of sand if it is a vinyl above ground pool?

Answer if you don't mind running the risk of dropping a brick in your pool, puncturing the liner, and spending a bunch of money on repairing it because you wanted to get creative then go ahead.

How much room is needed for a 6-foot pool table?

Figure the room measurement by taking the width and the length of the table and adding double the length of a standard pool cue. For a 6 foot (72 inches) by 3 foot (36 inches) pool table and using ... Read More »