How much sand do I need to fill a sandbox?

Answer Check the bag of sand to see how much coverage it provides, then multiply the width, depth and length of the sandbox in feet. Divide the number by the bag's coverage amount. The result is the numbe... Read More »

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How much sand does the tuggy sandbox use?

How do I clean sandbox sand?

Check the Sand RegularlyExamine the sand in your sandbox on a regular basis to ensure that the sand does not have an odor. If you notice that your sand has changed consistency or has a foul odor, i... Read More »

Sandbox Sand Safety Issues?

Tots playing blissfully in a sandbox are a familiar childhood image. Kids still love the sandboxes, but many parents have become concerned about the quality of the sand. They worry about exposing ... Read More »

Where can I purchase sand for a child's sandbox in Phoenix, Arizona?

The whole Lowes/ Home Depot thing is a great idea. I think it generally goes for about $3 per 50 lb bag. Don't worry too much about the silica sand content in play sand. While crystalline silica... Read More »