How much salt should be used to boil half a bushel of peanuts?

Answer In general, about a pound of salt should be used when boiling a half-bushel of raw, or "green" peanuts. Keep in mind that much depends on the actual weight of the peanuts, as well as individual tas... Read More »

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How to Boil Peanuts Using Roasted Peanuts?

This is a great and simple recipe. Although it takes around 3 hours, it is worth the wait for times like a get-together or events at the house. Despite the many opinions stating that boiling dry ro... Read More »

How to Boil Green Peanuts?

Simply letting the peanuts boilGreen peanut is a term to describe farm fresh harvested peanuts that have not been dehydrated. They are available from grocery stores, food distributors and farmers m... Read More »

How to Boil Peanuts in the Shell?

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How do I Boil Virginia Peanuts?

Instead of roasting raw Virginia peanuts, boil them. This snack takes next to no preparation, but it does take a long time to cook. Serve the boiled peanuts at parties, events or snacks. The only f... Read More »