How much salt should be used to boil half a bushel of peanuts?

Answer In general, about a pound of salt should be used when boiling a half-bushel of raw, or "green" peanuts. Keep in mind that much depends on the actual weight of the peanuts, as well as individual tas... Read More »

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How to Boil Peanuts Using Roasted Peanuts?

This is a great and simple recipe. Although it takes around 3 hours, it is worth the wait for times like a get-together or events at the house. Despite the many opinions stating that boiling dry ro... Read More »

How much salt does it take to boil an egg?

The trick to making perfect boiled eggs is to use eggs that are not cracked and to not add any salt to the water. The addition of salt raises the boiling point of the water, which makes the egg whi... Read More »

What kind of salt is used in pools and how much salt to gallon ratio do you use?

Answer If you have purchased Saline System equipment, you add regular 'salt' to the pool water. The salt (sodium chloride) is pure evaporated ocean salt - the same as you would use at the dinner ta... Read More »

Can you make your own saltwater by just adding salt into your pool and if so how much salt and what type of salt should you use?

Answer No you will not have a salt water pool. yes you will have salt water but the actual electronic plates found in a genrator converts the salt in the water to chlorine to sanitize the pool wate... Read More »