How much salt is in brackish water?

Answer Brackish water is water that has a salt concentration between that of freshwater and sea water. The salinity of brackish water is therefore between 50 parts per million (ppm) and 30,000 ppm. Drinki... Read More »

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How much salt is needed for brackish water?

There is not a specific salt to water ratio for brackish water. Create brackish water by adding a minimum of 1 tbsp. salt per gallon of water. Most brackish water fish prefer a rate of about 4 tbsp... Read More »

How much salt in salt water will effect plant growth?

Answer The amount varies depending on the plant species. Some have a higher tolerance. To help determine levels for individual plants, see the Related Link below.

Is brackish water more saline than ocean water?

Brackish water occurs when saltwater meets freshwater, such as estuaries where the sea reaches into a river. Therefore, brackish water has more salt content than freshwater but less than saltwater ... Read More »

How much salt is in salt water taffy?

Although the name may make it seem that there is a good amount of salt in salt water taffy, there are only about 1 1/2 tsp. salt in eight pieces of salt water taffy.Source:ABC News: Salt Water Taff... Read More »