How much salt is in a neti pot?

Answer For the use of a neti pot for nasal irrigation, mix 1/4 heaping tsp. of finely ground cooking or pickling salt with 8 oz. of warm water until fully SaltsHealing Dai... Read More »

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How much salt should I put in a neti pot?

Neti pots come with instructions that detail how much salt to use with a particular device. A good rule of thumb is about 1 tsp. salt for each pint (16 ounces) of lukewarm water. If stinging occurs... Read More »

Why Use Non-Iodized Salt in a Neti Pot?

A neti pot is a vessel used to irrigate the nasal passages with a warm saline solution. Insert the spout into one nostril as you lean sideways over a sink. Pour in the saltwater, which will flow ou... Read More »

Is sea salt any different from table salt, or is it better for your health to eat sea salt than regular salt?

Sea salt is considered by some to be a healthier alternative to table salt, since it lacks artificial chemicals used in processing. Despite the iodine content of seawater, however, sea salt typical... Read More »

Can you make your own saltwater by just adding salt into your pool and if so how much salt and what type of salt should you use?

Answer No you will not have a salt water pool. yes you will have salt water but the actual electronic plates found in a genrator converts the salt in the water to chlorine to sanitize the pool wate... Read More »