How much salt can go into 100 ml of water?

Answer The solubility of table salt, or NaCl, in water depends on the temperature of the water. At 20 degrees Celsius, 35.7 g of NaCl will dissolve in 100 ml of water. Less salt will dissolve in colder wa... Read More »

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Can you make your own saltwater by just adding salt into your pool and if so how much salt and what type of salt should you use?

Answer No you will not have a salt water pool. yes you will have salt water but the actual electronic plates found in a genrator converts the salt in the water to chlorine to sanitize the pool wate... Read More »

How much salt in salt water will effect plant growth?

Answer The amount varies depending on the plant species. Some have a higher tolerance. To help determine levels for individual plants, see the Related Link below.

How to Turn Salt Water Into Drinking Water?

Feeling thirsty and all you have is salt water? Well, no problem. Turn it into drinking water by following these simple steps.

How to Convert Salt Water into Drinking Water?

According to, 98 percent of the water on the earth's surface is stored in oceans and so has a high salt content. Despite increasing water scarcity, humans cannot drink this vital water... Read More »