How much sales tax is paid on a used vehicle in Tennessee?

Answer The sales tax in Tennessee is 7 percent on the purchase of a used vehicle. This is the state sales tax. The tax may be higher in some areas as the local government may assess a tax as well.Source:T... Read More »

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How much is sales tax on a used vehicle in Oklahoma?

Sales tax is appended to all purchases of tangible property including used cars. The Oklahoma state sales tax is 4.5 percent.Source:Official State of Oklahoma Website: Sales Tax

How much sales tax is charged on a used vehicle?

Each state determines its own sales tax. In Alabama there is a sales tax of 2 percent charged on automobiles. Ohio charges has a sales tax rate of 6 percent.Source:Alabama Department of RevenueOhi... Read More »

How much is the sales tax in Chattanooga, Tennessee?

The sales tax rate in Chattanooga, Tennessee is 9.25 percent. The base state sales tax rate is 7 percent, and the city has added 2.25 percent in local option sales taxes. There is no state income t... Read More »

How much do foster parents in Tennessee get paid?

The state of Tennessee partners with the non-profit organization Youth Villages to assign foster care. Individuals who foster a child are eligible for up to $18,500 in reimbursements per child ann... Read More »