How much sales tax is charged on a used vehicle?

Answer Each state determines its own sales tax. In Alabama there is a sales tax of 2 percent charged on automobiles. Ohio charges has a sales tax rate of 6 percent.Source:Alabama Department of RevenueOhi... Read More »

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Is sales tax charged on boat sales in Georgia?

Georgia sales tax is assessed on boat purchases if the sales are considered non-casual. Boats sold as part of a business would be taxed, whereas boats sold on a casual basis would not be assessed a... Read More »

Is sales tax ever charged on freight?

Freight charges are sometimes taxable, according to Sales Tax Advisors. Although sales tax laws vary by state, most consider shipping taxable if the business uses its own vehicles to transport the ... Read More »

Is sales tax charged on services?

Sales taxes are imposed at the state level. Each state has a unique sales tax structure. For example, Texas imposes a sales tax on services, while Oregon has no sales tax. To find out your state's ... Read More »

Can sales tax be charged on shipping in Oklahoma?

Sales tax is payable on the shipping charges of goods in Oklahoma. There are eight states that tax shipping costs: New York, Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Oklaho... Read More »