How much running do the Navy SEALS do?

Answer The first phase of Navy SEAL training, a seven-week program in basic conditioning, consists of weekly four-mile timed runs in boots, as well as timed obstacle courses. After eight weeks of water tr... Read More »

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Where were the navy seals when they became navy SEALS?

Before, then U.S. Navy Seals, were who they are, they were classified UDT - or - Underwater Demolition Team. I don't know when they officially became Seals. JFK authorized the formation of the SEALS.

How much do navy seals get for deployment?

Navy SEALs are paid on the same pay scale and other Military personnel. There is normally no additional amount due because of deployment. The amount is based on the rank and the time in service. ... Read More »

Do you have to serve time in the US Navy to then become a member of the Navy SEALs?

No. By passing a pre-physical screening, you can begin the 36-week course to become a SEAL.

Can you join the navy SEALS without serving in the navy?

The only way to serve on a SEAL team without being in the Navy is by joining the Air Force, becoming a Combat Controller. After that, the Air Force will put you on a special operations team that ne... Read More »