How much room space can you heat with a 5,000-BTU electric heater?

Answer The amount of room space you can heat with an electric heater depends on the cubic volume of the room and the level of insulation. For a room with average insulation, a 5,000-BTU electric heater wi... Read More »

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How much room space can you heat with a 5000 Btu electric heater?

According to AC Direct, the amount of Btu necessary to heat a one-square-foot area ranges from 30 to 60 Btu, depending on the climate zone (refer to climate zone map). This means that a 5000 Btu el... Read More »

How many square feet does a 5000 BTU heater heat?

Answer There is a lot more to it than square footage. To find out the heat load on any room or home you need to have a load calculation performed. This is a process that takes into account location... Read More »

Size of a room for a 5000 btu air conditioner will cool?

Can you get renters insurance if you rent a room or a space above the garage mother inlaw space situation?

Answer I would think so. Renter's insurance covers your personal property (clothing, furniture, any personal effects not used for business purposes) as well as providing liability coverage for you... Read More »