How much rock do I need for landscaping?

Answer On One Hand: A Finished LookLandscaping rocks are an ideal method of filling in borders and empty spaces around plant installations. The amount of rock used needs to be more than enough to adequate... Read More »

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Is a lava rock that people use for landscaping their yards a metamorphic rock?

Lava rock for landscaping is a type of igneous rock known as a vesicular basalt. Scoria is a type of vesicular basalt found throughout North America. The red variety is commonly used in residential... Read More »

What Is Rock Landscaping Called?

Landscaping with rocks brings a contrast of texture and color to a yard. Using rocks to pave pathways and patios, border gardens or cover the ground for a rock garden is often referred to as hardsc... Read More »

How do I put mulch on top of landscaping rock?

Selecting MulchChoose man-made mulch or long-lasting organic mulch, such as bark mulch, that will last for at least a few years before it needs to be replaced. Mulch typically is intended to preven... Read More »

Ideas for Landscaping With Slate Rock?

Slate rock can add a gorgeous touch to any landscaping design. While it isn't ideal to use as a patio or walkway because it can be very slippery when wet, it looks attractive as an accent to existi... Read More »