How much resolution do you need to play Minecraft ?

Answer You're asking the wrong question in an incorrect way.

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How much resolution do you need on a monitor to play Minecraft?

Whichever resolution you prefer. I've seen it run as low as 800x600 and higher than 1600x900

I need some one to play minecraft on pc?

"To play better together"???? :O since when does Minecraft require skill... especially survival mode its pretty easy....

How much does a MacPro cost and can't it play minecraft without lag!?

Dont waste money by getting a mac. Buy a pc portable from dell or asus. Then donate the remaining money to people that barely eats in a day in poverish country. You play minecraft on overpriced mac... Read More »

Can you play minecraft on a I pad 2?

Yes, search for Minecraft pocket edition in the App Store.