How much recovery time is needed after gastric bypass surgery?

Answer It can take up to six weeks to recover fully from gastric bypass surgery. Hospital stays can last three to four days for laparoscopic surgery and seven to 14 days for open surgery. Patients may usu... Read More »

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How can I stop grazing after gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is a major procedure that makes the stomach of an overweight person smaller to facilitate weight loss. The idea is that the person who has the surgery cannot eat as much and ... Read More »

Missing period after gastric bypass surgery?

I would not worry - you have been through surgery and weight lossdisruption to your cycle is not unexpected

What do gastric bypass patients eat after surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery results in a reduced stomach size. Following surgery, patients are unable to eat a normal diet for some months, as they adjust to their altered stomachs and digestion. Their ... Read More »

What do patients eat right after gastric bypass surgery?

After gastric bypass surgery, patients typically work with a registered dietician to design a meal plan that allows the digestive system to heal with minimal complications. Many plans have four pha... Read More »