How much rebar should be used for a concrete slab?

Answer On One Hand: Consider the UseYou should install rebar in a grid formation. If you pour a concrete slab for heavy duty use, such as a driveway, you will need to make the grid sections smaller, about... Read More »

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How much fertilizer should I use when trying to establish a concrete slab?

You need a good calciumate base under it. And water and trowel the top every hour to face harden your slab. Use no salts on it the first year. And you will have a garden slab you can be proud of.

How much concrete is needed to pour a 20x20 concrete slab?

Assuming the slab is three-inches thick, you need 13,320 pounds of dry concrete, or 333 40-pound bags. You can calculate the exact amount for a different depth by calculating the cubic yards of the... Read More »

How much concrete is in a slab?

According to, a slab is defined as a "block consisting of a thick piece of something." Concrete slabs are just that---large, thick blocks. Because of this, the amount of concrete in a... Read More »

Why Should You Reinforce Concrete Slab?

The main reason to reinforce concrete is to save money, states the Wire Reinforcement Institute, a concrete trade group. Over the life of the property, a concrete slab reinforced with steel or wire... Read More »