How much ram would you recommend for gaming?

Answer Lol 16gb hey u only need 4gb at the moment but 8gb would be future proofget the 8gb motherboardyou wont need 16gb of ram

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Would people recommend the Alienware X51 for gaming?

It is okay, but it does struggle against a cheaper full sized desktop. The problems are that it does have a tendency to over heat due to the small case and then the ivy bridge i7 3770 gets very hot... Read More »

Which pair of Gunnar Gaming glasses would you recommend to buy?

GUNNAR Gaming Eyewear - PPK Onyx/Mercury Frame pretty cheap a couple weeks back and after some heavy use I'm happy with the purchase. They do a great job of cutting down eye strain on Tablets, PS V... Read More »

If I want to get a fast, reliable, strong laptop, that I can use for gaming and work what would you recommend?

DELL XPS M1710…range £ 1,199 - 1,499 ,,, now go configure1. DVD writer i prefer2. Select Windows Media Centre 2005 as operating system, NOT Win XP home / ... Read More »

How much would a gaming desktop cost?

Hi friend, I found this awesome post from Google that seems to answer your question directly. It basically speaks about what brands to use, videos on assembling your own computer, and also gives a ... Read More »