How much ram is more pc help ?

Answer ram will not make a game graphics faster,that is done by the graphic card and cpu,ram will just make it load quicker and you will return to the desktop quicker without having to wait 20 minutes for... Read More »

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How can I get more facebook likes on a contest photo Please help me get more!?

tag people in your pic.. if they love it they will like it and share it in different groups..

Please Help me buy a decent camcorder to record my new born angel. The more I search more I am confused.?

believe it or not, the Canon Z500 is a pretty good camera even if it's in the $300 range. It's a DV camera and you can connect a firewire cable to it from your computer. it rates better than the h... Read More »

How much more can we in the World do for the Deaf and Disabled now that we use NASA and have Radio satellite assistance can they enter into homes to help them hear over the sound waves?

There are many improvements over radio already although many have not taken advantage of most. HD radio has been released that offers much better signal strength and audio quality than FM radio had... Read More »

How do I convince my aunt to visit me My uncle n her divorced years ago n they still see each other but I miss her so much and I want her to see me more often n i want to spend more time with her?

Just tell Her that you miss her and that you want her to come someday ....