How much radiation does the iPhone4 has?

Answer Put one 3 on top of the single brick at bottom right hand side. Put the two 6 tanks side by side on top of the higher bricks to the left hand side. Put the last 3 tank on top of the 6 tanks so th... Read More »

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How much does in Iphone4 cost?

Money it depends a iphone 4 16gb would cost you £499.00 a 32 gb would cost you £599.00 both from apple store hope this helps

How much does the iphone4 cost you in the UK?

How much radiation does a laptop emit?

A laptop computer emits about 150 mG of radiation. This is 60 times the recommended exposure limit of 2.5 mG. However, there is no conclusive evidence that laptop radiation exposure is dangerous.... Read More »

How much does 32gb hold on a iphone4?

A lot I have an 8gb iPod ad tht holds loads so 32 will hold lots