Protien Treatment for Hair?

Answer Damaged hair will ruin any haircut or look that you are trying to achieve. Frequent hair washing, abrasive shampoos, chemically treated hair and the sun can really do a number on your hair. Check o... Read More »

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How come people dont think we get protien?

Have you seen the questions here? Vegetarians asking how they can they get enough protein. If some vegetarians themselves don;t know the answer, why are you surprised that non vegetarians don't kno... Read More »

How much protien is in a glass of milk?

An 8 oz. glass of cow's milk has eight grams of protein, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Milk is considered a complete protein source, meaning it has all of the essential amino a... Read More »

What time should i drink my protien shake?

Drink one for breakfast and one after your workouts.

Need help with whey protien shakes and meals?

The protein shake's a great start - mix it with skimmed milk to get some carbs in there too. The key to recovery foods is that they are low fat - you should avoid things like chicken wings that are... Read More »