How Many of Each of the Food Groups Should the Average Adult Consume Daily?

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How much protein should I consume daily?

Here's what the experts at the US CDC have to say about how much protein you need to provide to support your metabolic processes. -->… You can easily get... Read More »

Is it ok to consume a protein shake that has been sitting at room temp for a year?

No it's should be fine but check the date first. If its past the expiry date by like a couple of months it will be fine !! 1) yes it's still healthy2) you shouldn't do3) the nutrients might be weak... Read More »

How Much Protein Should an Adult Eat?

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How much protein should an adult female get?

According to the Encyclopedia of Healing Foods (Murray & Pizzorino, 2005), the U.S. RDA for protein in females is based on age. By the age of 18 the RDA is 44 grams; 19-24 years, 46 grams; 25+ year... Read More »