How much protein is needed for muscle growth?

Answer Muscles are composed of protein. The most common reason people take protein supplements is to build muscle. If you work out for muscle growth, more protein in your diet is essential.Daily Protein R... Read More »

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Which is a better protein for building muscle: Syntha-6 or Muscle Milk?

On One Hand: Syntha-6 BenefitsSyntha-6 is made of fast-, medium- and slow-digesting proteins so the body gets a steady supply over an eight-hour period. Best taken before going to bed, Syntha-6 has... Read More »

How much protein do you need to gain muscle?

On One Hand: You Need One Gram Per PoundIf you are training hard to gain muscle, the minimum amount of protein you need is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each day. Therefore, if you wei... Read More »

I am a vegetarian how can I get a lot of protein to build muscle?

You can get protein from many sources like the Hawaiian "Poi" which is very high in protein and has not animal byproducts. In my opinion I would stay away from "Soy Protein" because if you're using... Read More »

What are good sources of protein for muscle?

Any protein is good for your muscles. Eggs, meat, nuts, beans, yogurt, cheese, milk, protein powder. Any of these are main sources in protein for people trying to get protein.