How much protein is in a raw egg?

Answer A raw chicken egg contains 6g of protein, according to author Stephen B. Kitchevsky in the American Egg Board's publication "Egg-cellent Foods, Egg-cellent Proteins." Eggs retain their full 6g of p... Read More »

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How to Know and Measure How Much Protein Is Too Much?

How much protein is too much and how could you measure this? The answer to the question is to perform a urinalysis. On the UA dipsticks there is an indicator for protein and 5 different readings.

How much protein is too much in a diet?

On One Hand: No more than 70 grams a dayThe Department of Agriculture sets a healthy protein intake of about 70 grams per day for those of average weight. The body can only process roughly 20 grams... Read More »

How much protein is in shrimp?

A 4-oz. serving of shrimp, which is approximately 10 shrimps, contains 18g of protein. An individual will also consume 80 calories, 1g of fat, 165mg of cholesterol and 190mg of sodium in this 4-oz.... Read More »

How much protein do men need?

Men need 50g to 175g protein daily, according to Mayo Clinic dieticians. This protein amount is based on eating 2,000 calories daily. Consult with your doctor before changing your protein if you ha... Read More »