How much protein for someone recovering from anorexia?

Answer It's possible that you've done serious damage to your internal organs, and as a result they may need higher levels of protein that usual. However, fat is probably most vital for you right now, to i... Read More »

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Recovering from anorexia/toning up?

For burning fat/getting a six pack (hopefully!) Running and swimmingIf you are someone who can run, try to run a mile everyday after school, If you can do that with ease, run two miles insteadSwimm... Read More »

I'm 17, 5' 9", & 118 lbs recovering from anorexia. How many calories do I need to gain weight?

3000 calories a day should do the job. If after that you need to add or subtract, do it in 500 calorie intervals. xoxoxo

Recovering anorexia + is what i weigh normal please help!?

Your dietician is absolutely right, and it's really refreshing to read that a medical professional has gotten a target weight right for once.At that weight or higher, you will be least likely to re... Read More »

Did I eat too much today (recovering from an eating disorder)?

No, that's the best way to eat meals. About 5 small portions of simple foods, which is exactly what you did. You could have even eaten more :)