How much protein does one egg white have?

Answer A single egg white has approximately 3.6 g of protein compared to the approximately 6.5 g of protein found in a whole egg. An average woman needs 46 g of protein a day and an average man needs 56 g... Read More »

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How much protein does milk have?

One cup of milk (244 g) contains 8 g of protein. This figure applies to whole milk, reduced-fat milk and skim-milk. Although the milk-fat is substantially reduced in reduced-fat or skim-milk, the p... Read More »

How much protein does fish have?

The amount of protein in fish varies on the serving size and type of fish. In a three ounce serving of cooked fish, herring contains 12.07 grams of protein and sockeye salmon has 23.21 grams of pro... Read More »

How much protein does tuna have?

Tuna is available either canned or fresh and the protein content varies according to the serving size and preparation. A three ounce serving of white, canned tuna contains 20.08 grams of protein an... Read More »

How much protein does a hard boiled egg have?

One hard boiled large-sized egg (50 grams) contains approximately six grams of protein. Body builders, athletes and other individuals wanting to gain muscle mass often choose eat eggs because they ... Read More »