How much protein does a hard boiled egg have?

Answer One hard boiled large-sized egg (50 grams) contains approximately six grams of protein. Body builders, athletes and other individuals wanting to gain muscle mass often choose eat eggs because they ... Read More »

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Does a boiled egg have protein?

Yes. A hard-boiled egg has the same protein content as a raw egg. One large egg contains about 6.3 g of protein. Of that, 2.7 g are contained in the egg yolk and the remaining 3.7 g are found in th... Read More »

Are hard boiled eggs a good source of protein?

Hard boiled eggs are an inexpensive way to get protein. One jumbo size (3 oz.) hard boiled egg contains 5.5g of protein. By comparison, a 3 oz. hamburger contains 21g of protein and 2 tbsp. of pean... Read More »

Are Hard-Boiled Eggs a Good Source of Protein?

A hard-boiled, or hard-cooked, egg is an excellent source of protein, most of which is found in the white part. In fact, the protein in an egg white is of such high quality that all other forms of ... Read More »

How much fat is in a hard boiled egg?

There is the same amount of fat in an egg whether it is hard-boiled or raw: 14 grams. Eggs are a good source of protein, riboflavin, selenium, phosphorus and vitamin B12. On the downside, the egg i... Read More »