How much protein do eggs have?

Answer One egg has approximately 6.5 g of protein. The body needs protein, particularly for the organs. The amount of protein needed depends on age, sex and weight. On average, women need 46 g of protein ... Read More »

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How much protein is in duck eggs?

One 2.5-oz duck egg contains 9 g of protein---slightly more than most chicken eggs yield. Because duck eggs contain all eight essential amino acids required for human health, this food is considere... Read More »

How much protein does milk have?

One cup of milk (244 g) contains 8 g of protein. This figure applies to whole milk, reduced-fat milk and skim-milk. Although the milk-fat is substantially reduced in reduced-fat or skim-milk, the p... Read More »

How much protein should a woman have?

A woman's individual protein requirement depends on her size and weight, and also on whether she is pregnant or lactating. Your personal requirements may be higher if you exercise vigorously. Most ... Read More »

How much protein does one egg white have?

A single egg white has approximately 3.6 g of protein compared to the approximately 6.5 g of protein found in a whole egg. An average woman needs 46 g of protein a day and an average man needs 56 g... Read More »