How much protein can the body absorb?

Answer The amount of protein absorbed by a particular person depends on the amount of muscle mass and the gender of the individual consuming the protein. The best way to figure out how much protein to tak... Read More »

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How much protein does a body builder need?

In order to sustain muscle growth, a bodybuilder must consume a higher amount of protein than an average person. Too much protein can have side effects, which is why this must be monitored carefull... Read More »

If you were in a car accident, should you absorb the crash, or tense your body for the impact?

If you brace for an impact, you'll break your arms. During an impact, the car has stopped and you are traveling forward at whatever speed the car was going before. More than enough to shatter whate... Read More »

When plants such as watermelon absorb water do they also absorb bacteria or other contaminates?

No. If a plant is growing in contaminated soil or is watered with contaminated water, the contaminants can persist on the flesh of the fruit, so its important to wash it thoroughly and peel it befo... Read More »

Is it true that your body needs 20-30 percent of your daily calories from fats and protein and 40 percent from carbs or can you balance your diet with more carbs and protein but less fat instead?

Answer Did you know that women who dont have the right amount of fat percentage in their bodies dont get their periods. answer2 real one yes it always true. Answer You need something called omega-3... Read More »